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Five Things: SK Sturm Graz 2-1 Bolton Wanderers

This once-popular feature is back because well, I had time to watch the game on Saturday.

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

So Bolton Wanderers lost their opening first team pre-season game to Austrian side SK Sturm Graz.

Lots to talk about, despite it 'only' being a friendly:

1) Experience is going to be key

It was a somewhat experimental Wanderers side that trotted out for the first half. This youthful and inexperienced side looked lost at times against a tricky and confident opponent.

As the team changed in the second half, so did our fortunes as the more experienced side found their feet early on and looked far more able than their first-half counterparts.

I'm sure Neil Lennon will be keen to add some more experience to the ranks to complement the youthful exuberance of the likes of Josh Vela, Zach Clough and Tom Walker.

2) Madine looks like an interesting signing

I was unimpressed with his signing at first, but I think I may have been hasty.

The former Sheffield Wednesday man looked dangerous and eager to be involved. His performance was highly encouraging and points to us having a real target man for the first time since the departure of Kevin Davies (I don't count Craig Davies as a proper forward).

He probably should have scored, when he failed to convert a superb Liam Feeney cross, but otherwise it was an impressive 45 minutes from the lad.

3) Zach Clough is going to be the man

It barely needs saying, but the Denton Destroyer was our most dangerous man. He could have scored what would have been a real Lionel Messi-esque jinking goal as he ghosted beyond two defenders with grace and ease.

He wore no.10 as well, which made me incredibly happy.

4) New additions still required

Further to point 1), with the addition of several more experienced players the game showed that we are in need of greater squad depth.

The second half side looked more confident and capable of hurting the opposition and must have given Neil Lennon some food for thought as he plans his next move in the transfer market.

The importance of a new striker was laid bare with the second half too - I would have liked to have seen Gary Madine play in that second half Wanderers side.

I think he would have thrived.

5) Can Mark Davies stay fit?

It's the $64m question.

Davies was impressive in his second half performance against Sturm Graz. He scored a good goal with his usual trickery and guile, but overall his contribution on and off the ball was key to our improved performance.

I don't think anyone is predicting that Bolton Wanderers will go on to romp the league, but our chances of avoiding the sort of disappointing year that 2014/15 proved to be will be hugely enhanced should Davies achieve the somewhat-impossible task of remaining fit.

Whilst Zach Clough may well be our most valuable asset, Davies remains one of our best players.

Him keeping fit will be crucial to our chances of having a prosperous season ahead.