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Kit News: Blaaaack and Gold, Black and Gold, Black and Gold

I hate to say we told you so.....but we told you so

Ian Walton/Getty Images

So, Bolton Wanderers just posted this bad boy on the old Instagram:

And yep, you guessed it, it's black and gold .

The club have today released a "teaser" of the 2015/16 away kit, and it is delicious.

Yes, it's only a gold wanderers crest on a black background, but it doesn't half look good. Our source, whose reliability has been questioned (my mate's dad's dog works at Euxton and says...) has come up trumps.

Apologies will be made. By somebody else, naturally. I'm too busy being right to apologise for anything.

The kit is to be available for sale from 2nd August 2015. I have a feeling it might make an appearance at the Charlton friendly on 31st July.

There could well be something worth paying £10 for after all.

What are your initial thoughts? Leave a comment below.

Unless you don't like it, in which case you'd be wrong.