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BWFC Fan Starts a "Bring Adam Le Fondre Home" Fund

Suppose that's one way to do it.

Paul Thomas/Getty Images

One opportunistic Bolton Wanderers supporter has had enough of the club being unable to afford players, and has taken to the internet to raise funds in quite an unorthodox fashion.

Supporter Sam James, @samjames1401, has created a 'gofundme' in order to create a "Bring Adam Le Fondre Home" fund.

The total currently stands at £205 after only being live for an hour, quite a way off the £500k target, which I doubt would be enough anyway - but there's no harm in trying!

The kickstarter has been met with a mixed reaction from the BWFC Twitter community, with some calling it an embarrassment with others loving the tenacity.

This man seemed quite impressed though:

No doubt he'll be putting in a cheeky anonymous donation.

I asked Sam why he started the fund, and he told me:

"I am getting frustrated with the lack of funds available at Bolton at the moment, as are the rest of our fans, and I thought it was an idea to give our fans the opportunity to make our own signing!"

You can visit and donate by following the link here -

If the target is not met, all the money will be donated to charity, so what've you got to lose?

The amount donated is increasing every minute, and we'll be keeping you updated on the fund over @LionofViennaSte.