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Five Bold Predictions for the Upcoming Season

Tom sticks his lovely neck on the line

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With the football off season comes the inevitable drought in Bolton Wanderers discussion topics that would inspire a lazy 17 year old to write pages of insight for - so I thought I'd give some rather bold predictions for the upcoming 2015/16 season just for a bit of fun.

Feel free to give your own or tell me how I'm an idiot who should go back to watching wrestling or something in the comment section.

Without further ado then, lets crack on.

1) Zach Clough will be in the top three goalscorers in the whole league

I am a massive Zach Clough fan so this one really speaks for itself, Bolton have never really been a team known for having somebody who scores 15+ goals in a season, however I could very much see Clough becoming that man for us. He's a natural finisher with a very eclectic range of ways to score, barring any injuries I could definitely see this upcoming season being the season of the Clough, if you will.

2) We'll finish in the top half of the table

It pains me that finishing in the top 12 teams would be classed as a "bold" opinion in 2015, but such as the way of things at the moment - it very much is. Most bookies favour Bolton as one of the top candidates for relegation and while I don't think relegation is on the cards for this upcoming season, it would certainly surprise many if we finished in the top half.

3) We'll make it to at least the quarter finals in either domestic cup competition

One of my absolutely favourite things in football is a good cup run. The last one we had was of course in the 2010/11 season where we made it to the semis of the FA Cup before narrowly losing to Stoke in a close game. I would love to see Neil go for that again in either the League Cup or the FA Cup and I could definitely see it happening if we find ourselves in a position where we're not really fighting for much in the league.

4) Josh Vela will become one of the club's most valued players

I've always been a huge Vela fan and while he is already somebody who the Bolton faithful are supportive of, I could see him truly step up into the upper echelon of fan favouritism. Him and Clough are the chosen two who I believe will make a massive positive impact on this club for years to come.

And finally, a not-so-bold prediction but I deemed it necessary to include it anyway

5) Gary Madine will be more handsome than you

He will.