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Dougie Up To His Old Tricks with Mills Signing

Former captain sees red.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

In a remarkable display of completely idiocy which, lets be honest, none of us thought at all capable of Sir Dougie Freedman, our former manager has opted to bring our former captain, Matt Mills, to Nottingham Forest.

Freedman has brought Mills to the City Ground after Neil Lennon opted to release the centre back this summer, and the move no doubt highlights to all Forest fans just how much of a lying, contradicting fool ol' Dougie truly is.

Not for specifically signing Mills, I happen to think he's a solid signing for a mid-table Championship club, it's because of him not being able to quite remember what he's already said - once again.

Only a few months prior to this signing Freedman claimed that he's "not a huge fan of shopping at former clubs". Despite the fact he signed seven players he'd previously worked with whilst in charge at Bolton Wanderers, and he's already at it again in Nottingham with the signing of Mills.

In his first interview as a Forest player, Mills stated that he was "delighted" to be linking up with the manager again and that his previous experience with Freedman will help him at the club. Which I found to be an interesting hypothesis, since Mills was largely shight until Freedman was finally binned off.

With Dougie already up to his old tricks at Forest, I predict he'll be sacked by the new year. Which will be hilarious.