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Introducing... Talking Trotters - A BWFC Bulletin

Our new show!

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We here at Lion of Vienna Suite are always on the look out for fellow Bolton Wanderers fans to come to us with their own ideas and inspirational creations, usually in the form of writing, but now in a whole new direction too.

You may have, or at least I hope you did, notice that there was no #LOVpod in the last week. Yes, for the first time since we started the endeavour - over four months a go now - we ended up missing a week, mainly due to me jetting off abroad again and other people just not managing to find the time.

Well, someone did notice, a gentleman by the name of Alastair Sledge. Completely off his own accord, he sent us a short 13 minute "filler episode of the LOVpod; just him on his own, talking about the events in the last week.

I absolutely loved it. Because it was obviously a lot more scripted, it felt like something different to the #LOVpod. It felt sharp, well written and concise. Due to timings and other such issues, you'll never hear the original recording Alastair sent me.

But since I loved it so much we've offered Alastair the chance to do his own weekly show: "Talking Trotters - A BWFC Bulletin". Short, weekly round ups of everything that's happened in the world of Wanderers, and the wider footballing landscape, that week.

So with out further ado, here's the pilot. Hope you enjoy.

This should automatically appear in the podcast feed of LOVpod subscribers.

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