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U21s: Four Trialists Make Debuts Against Atherton Colleries

Including an ex-Real Sociedad striker...

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Following on from Stephen Dobbie and Wilson Palacios training with the Bolton Wanderers first team this week, a few unfamiliar names appeared on the team sheet yesterday afternoon against Atherton Colleries. I unfortunately didn't go to the game so I can't talk about how well they played but I'll try and shed some light on the very limited information that I managed to dig up about them.

Jon Ceberio

A product of Real Sociedad's academy, the striker has most recently been playing for Antiguoko KE, an amateur Spanish youth team. Information on him is very limited, however he has Instagram and Twitter and his handles are @ceeberich and @joncebe respectively (he only tweets in Spanish though).

Sean Conaboy

The first of three players from the Strachan Football Foundation, a non-profit community programme offering 16-19 year olds apprenticeships. Sean, a playmaker, was the captain of the team and was offered a scholarship at LeMoyne University in USA but seemingly wants to ply his trade in England. Theres a video montage of him playing football on YouTube as well but best to take things like this with a pinch of salt. If you wanna stalk him some more, his Twitter is @seanconaboy.

Harry Reilly

Another from the SFF and another who was offered scholarships in the USA, with offers from three Virginian colleges. The midfielder played the second half today and won the penalty that Jamie Thomas converted. You can follow him on Twitter at @harryreilly8.

Dylan Otshudy

The player I could find the least information on, the young striker played the second half today and seemingly recently scored the winning goal in a cup final for the SFF.

If and when more information comes to the surface about these four, we'll report it here. I'd love to know from anybody who went today how they all played, so please leave a comment if you can offer some more insight.