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BREAKING: Wanderers to Dissolve Burnden Leisure Ltd? (Updated)

This could have wide-ranging implications for the club going forward

Clint Hughes/Getty Images

In a move that is bound to raise talk of a takeover, we can reveal that Bolton Wanderers have filed to dissolve Burnden Leisure Limited.

The petition to dissolve, scheduled for tomorrow, has been filed with Companies House - information on which is available to Joe Public and indeed to us at LOV - for the princely sum of £1.

In what could be a scary move, there are generally two reasons for a company to dissolve it's status as a limited company. To start with, you usually need to have the agreement of a company's directors and shareholders to close it as a limited company.

The first reason is that your company is insolvent, and cannot pay the bills. Let's not dwell on that one for too long eh?

The second reason is that your company is primed for a takeover.

I do hope that it is the latter, and not the former.

More on this as the story develops.

UPDATE ONE - friend of the site, Marc Iles, has just tweeterised thusly:

Interesting times at our glorious club.

UPDATE TWO - it has been confirmed that the motion to dissolve was a threat on behalf of HMRC over Wanderers' late filing of club accounts. These accounts have now been filed.

As you were, lads. As you were.