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IMMEDIATE REACTION: Bolton Wanderers 0-1 Burton Albion

Disappointing yet familiar...

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

In a game which saw Madine hit the crossbar twice, Liam Feeney make a case for being the best player on the pitch and the illustrious Stephen Dobbie make his competitive debut for the Whites, Lennon's side are ultimately beat by a late Matthew Palmer strike to give Burton the upset win.

Well it wouldn't be Bolton if we didn't make it easy for ourselves eh? Bolton had the lionshare of the chances in this game with Burton's goal coming from their only shot on target. Madine had more than enough chances to get his name on the scoresheet but failing to do so each time (still my man crush though) and even hitting the bar only the have the ball bounce on the bar again, obviously there was unfinished business between Madine and the Bolton crossbar leftover from Saturday.

Clough proved rather ineffective having a handful of chances but failing to latch on to any of them like he would have done had this been 5 months ago, while I'm fully aware this was only a league cup game against lower league opposition, you really expect someone with the promise and skill such as Clough to be taking these games by the scruff of the neck. However he failed to do that entirely, he was replaced by Stephen Dobbie who made a much bigger impact than he did in this game and the Derby game combined. I hope this is just a slow start for the youngster and he can get back to being the great player we all know he CAN be. But... It's Burton Albion, Zach.

Dervite, Wilson and Moxey had good performances between them. I think the solidarity we've sorely missed in defence is slowly beginning to emerge, which is weird to say after losing 1-0 but that's the way the cookie crumbles I suppose.

I was hoping we'd have a good league cup run this year so this particular result has left me disappointed, usually I'd just laugh a result like this off but with a team that genuinely has potential to get some good results, you can't help but what could have been.

Ah well, always the FA cup isn't there.