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Question Time: MK Dons

We learn a bit more about our newly promoted opponents ahead of tomorrow's clash in Milton Keynes - and it's safe to say they're a bit more ambitious about our expectations than we Bolton fans are

Ben Reeves could be MK Dons' danger man against Wanderers on Tuesday night
Ben Reeves could be MK Dons' danger man against Wanderers on Tuesday night
Pete Norton/Getty Images

With the season's first round of midweek fixtures kicking off tomorrow night, we speak to MK Dons fan and member of the club's Supporters Association, Harry Wilmin (@WilminMKD) to get the inside view on our opponents.

1) Who’s MK Dons star man that we should be looking out for on Tuesday night?

Ben Reeves. The 23-year-old former Southampton youngster signed a contract extension last week, which shows just how much Karl Robinson values his abilities. Reeves plays in the number 10 role just behind the striker.

2)  Could you give us a quick snapshot, in your view, of the rise of the club since the Wimbledon rebrand? Also, what makes up the supporter base – is it ex-Wimbledon fans, people from MK, or both? It’d be interesting to learn more about your fan base!

Wimbledon played in front of crowds of just 200 during their last few months at Selhurst Park. In 2014, MK Dons hosted Manchester United in the League Cup in front of over 26,000 people – what better comparison to show the rise of the Dons in Milton Keynes?

We have a mix of supporters in MK, a few still come up from South West London, but most are from Milton Keynes. It’s worth also noting that MK Dons have the highest number of Under-12 fans in the entire Football League – something else to be proud of.

3) What are your hopes for your first season in the Championship as MK Dons?

If we can still be in the Championship this time next season it’s mission accomplished.

4) How good a job has Karl Robinson done in leading you to the Championship? And are you happy with the business he’s done in the summer?

He’s done OK. It’s taken him a long time to get us up and if he were at any other club I think he would have been shown the door before now. But testament to the powers that be at MK Dons for showing him the faith for him to eventually deliver promotion.

5) It’s safe to say most Bolton fans don’t have the greatest opinion on Rob Hall. What do you think of him? And is the loan move to MK Dons a good move for him and the club? Also, why do you think he’s struggled to fulfil his potential at Bolton?

Personally I’m not a huge fan. I didn’t see much potential in him last season when he was on loan. The Dons will give him a free role to go an express himself. I think his attitude has often been in question.

6) What do you make of Bolton Wanderers?

From what I’ve read over the past few seasons I know you’ve not had the best of times both on and off the pitch. I think you need to find some stability and push on.

7) And what do you think of the job Neil Lennon is doing, and the task he has on his hands?

He’s done OK from what I’ve seen. I don’t know how much he has had to spend this season but I should think if he doesn’t get you a play-off place he’ll be shown the door.

8) Where do you see MK Dons finishing this season? And where do you think Bolton will finish?

I think the Dons will do well to finish just outside the relegation zone. Bolton on the other hand should be aiming to be back in the Premier League next season.

9) What’s your score prediction for Tuesday night?

MK Dons 1-2 Bolton. We hope Bolton fans enjoy their first trip to Stadium mk.