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Freedman's Forest Have Heart Set on Jutkiewicz

Alert the townspeople...

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Dougie Freedman is bargaining hard to bring Burnley striker Lukas Jutkiewicz to Nottingham Forest. The deal is rumoured to be part of an exchange in which Burnley sign Henri Lansbury. If he can't get Jutkiewicz, he could end up settling midfielder Scott Arfield.

On LOVpod 21, Marc Iles explained the transfer policy of Freedman in the summer of his final season. To paraphrase Marc, he said that Dougie had all of his eggs in one basket and that he was sure he had the deal wrapped up. When Jutkiewicz signed for Burnley, we had no contingency plan or alternative options to the now 26 year old English striker.

Freedman is re running exactly what went wrong at Bolton Wanderers at a different club. If he pulls the deal off, we'll see the Wanderers that never were (kind of) and it may turn out that he was a footballing genius all along. If it doesn't come through, he could be in big trouble again. I'd also like to take this opportunity to remind you that he doesn't like to sign former players', if this deal comes through he would be the second ex-Bolton man to enter the club.

Freedman has said he doesn't want to lose Lansbury but if he goes, it's going to be on 'his terms'. He also said, 'But I want to do things right, I want to play the right kind of football', pointing to his ultimate fantasy of building a team around Jutkiewicz'

'Don't feel sympathy for me. This is the job I am in and it is a difficult job.' Don't worry pal, we don't.