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Bolton Wanderers take Courtney Meppen-Walter on trial

A storm is coming

Clint Hughes/Getty Images

A 21 year old centre-half named Courtney Meppen-Walter, is currently training with Bolton Wanderers on a trial basis. He is currently out of favour at Carlisle United, a League One side, and is transfer listed. He hasn't played for Carlisle United in their first three games this season and has made 42 appearances for the club since joining in December 2013, scoring twice. He spent his youth at Manchester City, where he was once regarded as the 'next big thing.'

Here's some brief thoughts from a Carlisle fan:

This is a move that has attracted fans attention, given the player's controversial past. He served a 16 month jail sentence for causing death by dangerous driving, after an incident in Manchester City centre led to the death of two siblings.

Tomorrow, midday, I will be explaining my moral position on potentially employing a man responsible for the death of two innocent people. Some fans are disappointed that the club has taken in an ex-con, whilst others are frustrated that he isn’t Francesco Pisano or *Insert striker name here*.

Currently, three players in the squad used to play for Carlisle United. So before we dive into my best attempt at ‘crime and punishment’, can you name all three? God speed.