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Talking Trotters Episode 1 - Available Now

The start of your weekly bulletin.

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After a successful Pilot Episode that received plenty of positive feedback, we're delighted to bring you Episode 1 of Talking Trotters. A weekly bulletin, full of news, opinion, and razor sharp whit.

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In today's opener we cover the Middlesbrough game with special guest Joe Nicholson, and then we find comfort in each other's arms after the turgid affair that was the MK Dons game.

We've also got a round up on the U21s with our very own Tom Molloy, an explanation of why the Tim Ream transfer to Fulham took so long and the introduction of 'Abuse the News'.

We also welcome Francesco Pisano, once of Cagliari, and Wellington Silva, still of Arsenal, to Bolton Wanderers, and get everyone pumped for the Forest game with a rousing speech.

There's all that and plenty more in this week's Talking Trotters, and I hope you enjoy.

Talking Trotters will be available from all the same avenues as the #LOVpod. If you are already a subscriber to the #LOVpod, it should just appear in your feed.

If you're not a subscriber, than why?!

Thanks to @joe_nicholson96 and @TOMolloy