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Lets Make the Macron Rock

Congratulations and encouragement.

Clint Hughes/Getty Images

I've been meaning to write this piece for a while, but I wasn't quite sure when/how to phrase it, but what better time than just before our second home league game of the season.

I mentioned this on the podcast but feel as if it warrants the written word too, the people over at the Bolton Wanderers Chants To Put A Roar In The Macron Facebook group deserve a massive amount of credit. Spearheaded by group creator, Arran Clements, they set off on a seemingly impossible task and, going off the first game, have started to succeed.

That task?

Creating an atmosphere at the Macron Stadium.

On the first day of the season, when Bolton Wanderers took on Derby County, the atmosphere inside the stadium was the best it has been in years in a game that wasn't against a local rival or Liverpool. It was fantastic to behold, the Macron Stadium actually a happy place to be, a place where everyone was joining in on the singing and adding to the simmering pot of atmosphere.

I haven't enjoyed a home game like that in some years now, and it's thanks to those people on the Facebook group and sat in the corner where the North Stand meets the Nat Lofthouse Stand. Their effort through out the summer, their determination and commitment now the season has begun made it happen.

It's worthy of applause.

However, it can't stop there. In just two hours time Nottingham Forest, Matt Mills and that massive fraudulent bellend, Dougie Freedman roll into to town.

We need to show the latter just what type of place Bolton Wanderers has become after his departure. We need to scream, sing and shout our hearts out and make the Macron shake at the foundations. We need to back the lads and make an atmosphere that drives them on to victory.

Lets make the Macron rock!

*Deep breath*

Got a little carried away there, sorry about that cringeworthy speech but, yes, lets do it. Lets make a great atmosphere, lets have a great time and lets smash Dougie's team.