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MOTM: Bolton Wanderers 1-1 Nottingham Forest

Party like its 1999...

Clint Hughes/Getty Images

In a game which can only be described as frustrating; the individual performances from the white men were varied. Madine takes another step in making sure this particular writer loses his man-feelings for him, Feeney actually has a half-decent performance, and Danns is still putting in performances that would warrant benching if it was any other manager.

However, my personal pick for MOTM is the exciting centre-back Prince-Désir Gouano who put in yet another excellent shift in today, using his blistering pace and aerial presence to fend off most of Forest's attacking threats, making important tackles including a beautiful challenge on Antonio near the end.

Prince has done absolutely nothing but impress me so far in the campaign, he commands dominance in every instance where he's called to task. say what you want about our attacking prowess but Lennon has certainly gone a long way to fix our defensive troubles, albeit mostly in the short-term scheme of things.

Honourable mentions go out to Moxey who I thought had another superb outing, it's always nice when a player you used to groan at seeing on the teamsheet proves you wrong. I also thought Silva looked dangerous and can definitely be something if he irons out his match fitness issues.

The Prince takes the throne as MOTM in this exciting game and I look forward to see his royal highness in action more and more this season. Royalty puns.