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Question Time: Blackburn Rovers with @MikeDelap

A Blackburn fan who can read and write! Who'd have thought it?

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Ahead of tonight's face-off in front of the obnoxious Sky cameras, as Bolton Wanderers travel to Ewood Park, I chatted to Blackburn Rovers fan Mikey Delap, about a wide array of topics.


1) Right, has Gary Bowyer gone or what? And if so, how do you feel about that?

Evidently not.

When I heard the initial Sun report I had mixed feelings about it - I do feel we're at a stage where we would benefit from a managerial change so it did kind of make sense given a very disappointing start to the campaign.

But on the other hand it seemed incredibly weird timing (granted this is Venky's we're dealing with here) to get rid of a manager after a summer of him trying to reshape the squad and cut costs, then bin him off just before the transfer window closes.

I'm a bit in limbo thought wise - which is nothing new for me - but I suspect he might not have long if the current pattern of form continues for much longer.

2) How do you like the Venkys now?

Meh. I wouldn't exactly say I've warmed to them, but at least they're not as intensely naive and as destructive as they were during their initial period at the helm at Ewood Park.

They're still calling the shots from India rather than actually having a more hands on approach in Blackburn which is always a worry - and the people they entrust with running the club on a day to day basis hardly appear to be the most dynamic bunch of characters either.

So they're here, they're not doing a great deal other than trying to cut our cloth accordingly and they seem passively interested at best.

So, no I'm not a massive fan to be honest.

3) Rudy Gestede has gone and it seems like Jordan Rhodes is a wanted man. Will the latter leave? And how much trouble will you be in without the pair?

No I don't think he'll leave now. The Middlesbrough storm seems to have passed without a fresh threat for his capture materialising. So I suspect he'll be a Blackburn player till January at the minimum.

The real shame is that Gestede has gone. Whisper it quietly but he is actually a better striker and was a phenomenally good purchase for the Rovers - we're missing him, we will miss him and he looks irreplaceable in the sense that he was sodding awesome and cost next to nothing.

Oh for another two or three like him.

4) You're under a transfer embargo. First off, why? And how has your summer business been under those restrictions?

We're in a transfers embargo because we spent way beyond our means on utter dross (step forward Leon Best. Danny Murphy, Dickson Etuhu, DJ Campbell and a plethora of Portuguese no hopers) upon our relegation to the Championship.

We've not recovered since.

It's been a frustrating summer this time around as the hunting around in the bargain bins has been a less than thrilling experience. Here's hoping the likes of Nathan Delfouneso, Bengaly Fode-Koita and Hope Akpan turn out to be good signings, but there has been little to get genuinely excited about down at Ewood Park during the off season.

Unless of course you like the new away kit, which is decent.

5) Certain members of LoVS believe you're going down. Discuss?

It's not out of the realms of possibility given the poor start but there's a long way to go.

I'm still sticking rigidly to my early season prediction of a mid-lower half table finish.

6) How do you think Blackburn's season will go?

As above really.

Due to the cost cutting we've sacrificed a bit of skill and endeavour and replaced them with the same level of effort but a downgrade on the quality control side.

We've still got enough about us (I believe) to ward off any problems in the relegation zone but I don't expect us to string together 5/6 wins on the bounce either.

We'll be OK, just. I think. Smell the confidence...

7) Which Rovers player(s) should Bolton be wary of?

Jordan looks to be a longshot fitness wise for inclusion in the matchday squad so I'll have a plump for Tom Lawrence - who is on loan from Leicester till January.

Very early signs are that he has quick feet and doesn't mind taking his man on. So hopefully he can ask a few tricky questions of the Bolton back line.

Also Modou Barrow has a turn of pace about him, could do some damage if the end product is there - sorry for Andy Townsend level analysis!

8) What type of football can we expect from Rovers on Friday night?

We've been mostly direct so far.

Long throws, set pieces, using whatever height we have to ask questions.

Ironically, the sort of stuff that a lot of the Roverites used to cry about when Big Sam was in charge.

Ah, Big Sam. All is forgiven.

9) What do you reckon of Bolton this year?

About the same as us really. You're racking up a healthy debt and have struggled in the transfer market.

We'll likely be keeping each other comfy with a warm embracing hug through a difficult long winter of a season.

10) Any Bolton players that you are worried about?

Not really no.

Emile Heskey will score tomorrow though - he always does against Rovers.

11) Literally every fan I've spoken to this season has said something along those line. Can you now admit David Dunn was a fat waste of space?

Not at all. Now now don't be bitter.

He was an excellent footballer who could have soared as a professional if he'd have stayed fit and taken better care of himself.

He loved the Rovers he did and he made Burnley's life hell. So for that he gets a free pass for life from me.

12) Who did you find a better player, Andy Todd, Youri Djorkaeff , Nathan Blake or Per Frandsen?

What an elite list of grandeur stature footballers.

I'll go for Youri Djorkaeff, on the grounds he was a tricky customer. That, and he didn't smash in Van Persie's face with an elbow which is my abiding memory of Andy Todd.

13) Will you ever finish your ground and make it a modern space such as the Macron?

I doubt we'll be daft enough to shove a hotel facing onto the pitch like your lot, but I find the three stands and a bus shelter approach quite homely... No? Just me?

14) Do you miss Alex Baptiste and Jay Spearing?

Baptiste actually turned out to be a very decent signing so yes I do miss him. He really grew on me (steady) during his time at Rovers and was a standout performer for us in the second half of the campaign.

Spearing, I miss him about a much as I miss the blisters on my feet after completing the London Marathon in April.

15) Finally, what's your prediction for the game?

I fancy us to chalk up a win, which means we'll lose and people will scream at Gary Bowyer.

In all seriousness though, we'll win 2-1.

Lawrence and Delfouneso for us, and (uh) Heskey for the Wanderers.

We thank Mikey for his time and implore you to follow him on Twitter @MikeyDelap