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Five Days to Go - Will Bolton Wanderers Be Ready?

Guest writer Mark Culley doesn't hold back at all

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

A summer season of KFC dealings must have left Neil Lennon thinking what the hell have I got myself into?

Thankfully, in Lennon we trust (so to speak) - I actually think he's one of those rare commodities of having pride and wanting to achieve along with wanting to prove doubters wrong.

I worry about those in charge of the club, and I was surprised that we didn't find ourselves in the top three of worse run clubs in England with Leeds and Blackpool.

The playing squad is in my opinion no better or worse than last year and yep I think we are in for a struggle unless NL has instilled belief, fight, desire and basic passing skills to his squad, which is probably not finished yet.

We have NO star names which again could not be a bad thing because we could slip under the radar.

What, seriously, should we expect this year?

The consolidation of mid-table and the development of promising talent for next season - wow I've already dismissed this season. Well if you go back to 1982 and wait for glory days to return I'll be in that box six feet under..

I think it's fair to say that our main hope for the season is that we have a good cup run, generating finance and raising our profile again order to keep some our better players - Max Clayton, Josh Vela and Zach Clough to name but three. We need something like this to ensure that we can lose the deadwood for the following season and continue to rebuild on and off the pitch.

Roll on 2016-17 season ...