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Injury Tally: 4 - Derik and Wheater Injuries Not as Bad as First Feared

Not all that bad.

As our injury count, and I'm being generous, has already reached four for the season - yes, I'm keeping a tally - the two injures picked up by two of our first team centre backs are not as bad as first feared. They both will, however, have to spend some time on the sidelines.

The absolute worst was feared, and rightly so, when new signing from Real Madrid, Derik Osede, limped off in the last pre-season friendly of the season against Charlton Athletic with only 55 minutes gone. He even had to leave the ground wearing a protective boot.

Thankfully, scans have revealed that no serious damager has been done to the Spaniard, with his injury only being an ankle sprain. He is set to be sidelined for between two-three weeks. Not ideal, but certainly a lot better than it could have been.

Fellow centre-back, David Wheater. made his long awaited comeback when he started for a Bolton XI against Southport last week. He lasted all of 38 minutes when the dreaded injury curse struck him down again, and he too had to hobble off prematurely. Wheater has struggled with injuries throughout the entirety of his Bolton Wanderers career but *touch wood* this one doesn't seem to be too severe.

A calf strain is set to keep him out for about ten days.

So with two centre backs down, this just leaves us with Dorian Dervite, Tim Ream, who hasn't played a single game for us this pre-season and youngster Quade Taylor to fill in the centre back positions.

Football, I haven't really missed you.