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Bolton Wanderers Predictions: Dan

Now it's Dan's turn to, once again, make a fool of himself.

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To go along side our predictions for the football season in general, the LoVS Team will also be giving their Bolton Wanderers predictions for the coming Championship season. And just like with the football predictions, come the end of this year we will see who did best.

Now it's Dan's turn to, once again, (probably) make a complete fool out of himself:

How do you see the season going?

I usually try to be an optimistic person, especially when it comes to Bolton Wanderers. But I really am struggling to get my hopes up this year. Although the few dealings we have done this summer have been shrewd and exciting, they just haven't been enough. Our squad is so threadbare it's rather difficult to look at. When the inevitable injuries striker we are going to be in real bother. Whilst I believe our strongest XI and our manager are both good enough for a top half finish, we just know that our strongest XI will rarely all play together and it's more than probable that Neil Lennon will leave. Our finances have crippled us, and I just see the season being another demoralising slog where we find ourselves soon longing for the end.

Who will be our top goal scorer and why?

Zach Clough, if he stays. In fact, he'll probably still get it even if he does leave in January. I truly believe Clough, if he can just stay fit, will be one of the best player in the Championship next season. We've already season his fantastic ability to score a wide range of goals and I have no doubt that it will continue this season. The #10 will suit him well.

Who will be our best player and why?

Again, it's hard to look past Zach Clough, especially since he'll have scored twenty goals by October, but for the sake of variety I'll go with the maestro, the captain - Darren Pratley. Spurred on by being awarded the arm-band in the summer, I fully expect Pratley to continue the fine form he showed under Lennon last year. He will be the driving force in our midfield with his energy and power, and will hopefully get amongst the goals again too. We'll need him to be at his best if we are to achieve anything at all.

Who will be our worst player and why?

Hmmm, even though I came up with these questions I'm finding this one difficult to answer. As regular readers of the site will know, I don't like berating and massively criticising players, at least without good reason. So the thought of having to predict who our worst player will be, before a ball has even been kicked, doesn't exactly appeal to me. However, I have to name someone. I originally had Dean Moxey penciled in here, but that's because I forgot about Filip Twardzik, which probably speaks volumes. He's not had a real chance in his natural position yet, so I won't be too scathing, but the lad doesn't look right on a football pitch.

Who will be booked the most?

Darren Pratley. The leader bravado will no doubt see him storm into situations and get more bookings than usual.

Who will get sent off the most?

Dorian Dervite. Whilst I pray we see a return to form from the French centre back, I think he'll be liable for a couple of miss-timed, desperate, last ditch tackles in the vicinity of the penalty box this season.

How many injuries will we have throughout the season?

I'm keeping a tally. We're on four already. A week before the season begins. I'll say 46.

Will Neil Lennon still be our manager come the end of the season?

I regrettably have to say no, I just can't see it. He's no doubt growing more and more frustrated with the financial restraints and when Claudio Ranieri inevitably complete fucks up the Leicester job and gets sacked by January, it will make perfect sense for him to go. *Sad face*.

Will we still have Zach Clough come the end of the season?

On this subject I am slightly more optimistic. Whilst he will undoubtably come under heavy interest, I do think the club will hold fast and keep their prized asset, at least until next summer. Simply because I believe, even though he'd command quite a fee, the club can't afford to sell him - because it will be the last straw. It will be the thing that finally breaks the Bolton fanbase, and then god only knows what will happen.

Which old, semi-legendary player will we sign in Winter?

You know? I should stop asking questions that I don't know the answer to. Errr, I think Georgios Samaras is still without a club. That'd make a lot of sense.

Where will we finish and why?

As I said earlier, if all the stars aligned I believe we are capable to finish in the top half, maybe even mount a play-off push. But when are we. Bolton Wanderers Football club, ever that lucky? The season will be long, hard, and upsetting. If Lennon does say we'll be safe and finish 15th. If he leaves, then I fear the very, very worst.