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It Started with a Kiss (or a Goal)

DowntheMannyRd looks at Adam Le Fondre's move to Wolves

Do you like owls? I know a cracking owl sanctuary.
Do you like owls? I know a cracking owl sanctuary.
Paul Thomas/Getty Images

"Adam Le Fondre, he is a Wanderer, ole ole, ole ole". Allow those eternal words to dance in your mind, as both Le Fondre and its rhyming counterpart Wanderer take your brain cells for a waltz. And now be safe in the knowledge that it'll still be bellowed from the terraces at the Macron this season, only by a travelling band of Steve Bull groupies from the Black Country.

He's gone, and he isn't coming back. Let's accept it now, and move on. Our relationship with Alfie was fleeting yet electric; brief, but oh so wondrous. We shared Pringles at the office party, he took us to an owl sanctuary. We showed him our big plate at the dinner table, he suggested we take our chocolate puddings back to the hotel room. But now, here we are, hosting our late night North Norfolk Digital radio show, broadcasting "It Started with a Kiss" by Hot Chocolate and shouting YOU DON'T REMEMBER ME DO YOU?! through the radio waves. Those unfamiliar with Alan Partridge will have little to no idea of what I am talking about, but that's your problem for not knowing.

One of my least favourite myths in football is that, if a player can score goals in one division, he can do it in any, mostly because it's largely very incorrect. Ricky Lambert is one, and I believe Adam Le Fondre is another. Eight goals in 17 appearances last season is a return that we haven't experienced in a while.Given a full season, I would have expected Our Glenville to score at least 15 goals this time around.

In the 2012-13 season, Alf scored 12 goals, mostly from the bench (he holds the record for most goals by a substitute in a Premier League season), and won Reading's only Player of the Month award in a Premier League season. In 2009-10, he scored 30 goals for Rotherham in League 2, and his goals for Reading and ourselves in the Championship have shown he can score goals at any level. In fact, the only place where he hasn't is Cardiff. A blotch on an otherwise impressive footballing CV.

I like Glenville. A lot. I mostly like calling him Glenville. It seems strange that he only turned out 18 times for us, as it feels like far more. I think he'll score goals at Wolverhampton Wanderers this season, and that it is only finances that have stood in the way of our reunion with him. In some ways, it feels as though we've lost a player, rather than Cardiff, and I'd like to think that the Macron was his preferred destination of choice this summer.

Maybe we should spend the money raised online by buying 18 bunches of roses, one sent for each day we knew and loved him in a Wanderers shirt. Ta ra, Alf. All the best.