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Liam on Tim Ream

With QPR reportedly making a bid for Bolton Wanderers defender Tim Ream, Lion of Vienna Suite's columnist Liam O'Meara gives his view on whether Bolton should cash in.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Now then ...

A player of so much technical ability, Ream is a source of unrivalled frustration for me. Calm on the ball, very good at finding a colleague with a cute, accurate pass that is not where Reams problems lie.

Tim Ream has escaped criticism for far too long, he is a defender afraid to defend. Any sort of physical pressure or pace will bring out the shambolic side in the American defender. At central defence he is nothing short of disastrous and if his positioning doesn't let him down then his decision making will.

Ream at left-back is perhaps the biggest case I have seen in people seeing what they want to see. In this position, Ream is average at best and his confidence in possession goes nowhere near to appease his fear off it.

The American defender's recent call up only shows the lack of depth in the American side and quite simply anything we get for Ream will be too much.

Dean Moxey is a far more reliable choice and perhaps even better going forward.