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Bolton Wanderers Predictions: Tom Molloy

Coming at you with even more BWFC predictions.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

To go along side our predictions for the football season in general, the LoVS Team will also be giving their Bolton Wanderers predictions for the coming Championship season. And just like with the football predictions, come the end of this year we will see who did best.

Our youth team correspondent, Tom Molloy, gives it a whirl:

How do you see the season going?

Tough start, plenty of injuries, a great winning run once we get everyone fit for about 10 games - seeing us climb up the table before it all going wrong and finishing in the bottom half but avoiding relegation.

Who will be our top goal scorer and why?

Zach Clough. The boy is just special and he knows where the back of the net is, our success this season hinges on him staying fit.

Who will be our best player and why?

Zach Clough (see above).

Who will be our worst player and why?

Filip Twardzik. I'm sure he's just won a competition to be a professional footballer.

Who will be booked the most?

Derik, he may struggle to get to grips with the pace of the Championship at first and may make a few reckless challenges.

Who will get sent off the most?

Neil Lennon.

How many injuries will we have throughout the season?


Will Neil Lennon still be our manager come the end of the season?

Yes, I honestly think he will, don't think he's the type to walk just yet.

Will we still have Zach Clough come the end of the season?

I hope so but if he has a great 6 months, he'll be off, hopefully get him back on loan though.

Which old, semi-legendary player will we sign in Winter?

Tony Warner once we don't find/can't afford a back-up goalkeeper.

Where will we finish and why?

16th, think we'll have a slight improvement on last season but without further signings I can't see Us cracking the top half. A few signings in key positions could push us righ