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Our Thoughts on Dobbie, Wilson and Heskey

Bolton made a triple signing yesterday, here's our reaction.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Bolton Wanderers have signed right-back Lawrie Wilson, attacking midfielder Stephen Dobbie and have resigned striker Emile Heskey for a further year. Well this has come from out of nowhere. I shall give you all a moment to recover from such surprising news...

Caught your breath yet? Good! I shall begin.

As a collective bunch, it's good to see some depth added to our thin squad. Dobbie and Heskey are very much being brought here as squad players. Heskey as a like for like substitute for Madine and Dobbie for Clough. This means should Bolton decide to revert to Bolton type and suffer injuries, we will not have to rework the whole team to accommodate them. Wilson on the other hand is very much going to be starting most games pending any more signings...(All eyes on the vacant number 2 shirt and Francesco Pisano).

Here are my thoughts on the players individually:

Emile Heskey

The bulking striker has signed a one year extension and completes a contingent of Madine, Clough and....Well Madine and Clough. We really did and do need more strikers so this is welcome news. He's as prolific as Jozy Altidore and David N'gog's love child, but he does bring others in to play very well. His stamina is distinctly lacking, but he really shouldn't be getting more than 20 minute cameos for a tiring Madine this year. Neil Lennon had made his mind up that he wanted him for another year at the end of last season and I trust that call. I do doubt however that he would have been happy with the possibility of being reliant on him for an extended period of time. A needed signing but another striker please.

Stephen Dobbie

If I had been any livelier when Dobbie first started training with us a funeral would've broken out.  His performances over the course of pre-season have made me see he is probably going to be a good signing for us. He can chip in with a goal or two and has tricky feet. Perfect if we're lacking creativity and need something off the bench. Also in his repertoire are a couple of Championship promotions and a vast breadth of knowledge of the league. Said knowledge could be helpful if we see the likes of Woolery, Thomas and co make the step up this year. A combination of injuries and that they're really impressing at the moment makes this a distinct possibility. A good signing overall.

Lawrie Wilson

Well he's a right back. I could leave it at that and it should be enough to endear him to most Bolton fans. God knows we've been lacking there. Josh Vela did an admirable job last year but was really wasting his talents. I haven't seen much of Wilson to be honest but his pedigree is good. Lots of appearances at this level and the grit and determination that comes from making the non-league to Championship step up. I think he'll do a good job there contrary to my season's predictions (I was probably drunk when I wrote them). In Sam Ricketts style he can play left back and midfield as well which is a big bonus for us. Overall a good addition.

So what are your thoughts on our trifecta of signings? Let us know below the line.