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Five BWFC Predictions: The Football is Bloody Back!

A wonderful time of year

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

I don't really know what to think going into the new season, I don't think anyone does.

But there are 5 things which I'm hoping for in this campaign.

1.       To be sitting here next season talking about how Zach Clough is going to be.

The kid is special, and it's inevitable that he isn't going to be with us in the long term future. But to get 2 to 3 seasons out of the lad then that would be an achievement in itself. But if he continues to improve than it won't be too long until one of the ‘big clubs' come in for him. But for this season, I hope he can bag a fair few goals and help us climb up the league, which no doubt, he will.

2.       An injury free Mark Davies.

I still think that on his day Mavies is one of the most exciting players in the league. He can turn a game on its head in a moment. Our second goal in the friendly against Charlton proved this. But, he's never played more than 16 games in a season for us. If we have him available all season than it may be a catalyst for a push up the table.

3.       A top-half finish.

This may seem unrealistic, and I agree. But to be at the end of the season with maybe something to play for would go some way to ending the funeral like atmosphere inside the Macron. The past two seasons have been the most boring which I remember in my time following the whites, to have meaningful games may boost attendance, create a buzz and get fans onside again. This would show some improvement which we've not seen in recent seasons and would create more enthusiasm around the town.

4.       Neil Lennon to still be at Bolton Wanderers.

The saga surrounding the Leicester job in the off-season caused many people to speculate that Neil was to swap Bolton for the Foxes. However this didn't happen, instead they hired the entity of a manager Claudio Ranieri. I doubt he will last until Christmas, which again will undoubtedly spark rumours of Lennon switching to his former side. I don't think Lennon is the type to walk away from us, but a decent salary may encourage him to change his mind, not to mention he is already somewhat of an icon there.

5.       The last minute curse to be killed off.

I'm sure you all remember the countless number of times where we threw 3 points away in the dying embers of a game. The frustration this caused can't be explained using words, I'm still raging about the last minute goal at that club down the road. Hopefully the signings of Derik, Prince and Wilson will toughen the defence up and stop this from happening again. I'm not the superstitious type and I'll tell you now there isn't a ‘curse' but it was a bad habit to have and its one which I'm hoping we've kicked.


So roll on the new season, and you never know what will happen. But let's face it will probably be another long boring one full with mediocre performances and drab 1-1 draws on cold, wet Tuesday nights where we pathetically shine the torches on our phones purely to give us something to do.

As they say, onwards and upwards.