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Bolton Wanderers Predictions: Quentin X

The season may have started, but we still need to get the last of our predictions out.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

To go along side our predictions for the football season in general, the LoVS Team will also be giving their Bolton Wanderers predictions for the coming Championship season. And just like with the football predictions, come the end of this year we will see who did best.

For our final lot of Wanderers predictions, here's Quentin X:

How do you see the season going?

Fair to middling. This is a competitive league and there are some really good teams in it. We will win some we don't expect to and lose some we expect to win. Our squad is good enough to compete but I don't think it is good enough for promotion, no matter how good our manager is.

Who will be our top goal scorer and why?

If he can keep free from injury, I can't see any further than Zach Clough. You can't argue with his goal return so far, and he will still be an unknown quantity to the rest of the league. Keeping hold of him in January may be a battle.

Who will be our best player and why?

Darren Pratley. You read it here first. He can lead by example (see more below) and pull the strings in midfield. He's at the right level, and the right age, to do this.

Who will be our worst player and why?

It's difficult to pinpoint a player who can let you down massively. I'd be surprised if Big Emile doesn't miss a few sitters. You could look at the whole defence and guarantee that they will all cock up massively somewhere down the line, because that's the Bolton way. If I had to look at anyone, I'd say Liam Trotter. If he can get a game.

Who will be booked the most?

Dazza Prazza loves a mistimed tackle, so I fully expect the vice captain to take over from time to time.

Who will get sent off the most?

Neil Lennon. Because he's Neil Lennon.

How many injuries will we have throughout the season?

At some point in the season we will look at the bench and wonder who some of these faces are. We are Bolton Wanderers and our downfall is our ability to keep our physios from twiddling their thumbs.

Will Neil Lennon still be our manager come the end of the season?

I think we did well when Leicester went for Ranieri instead, but I think that was more to do with the management there not wanting to deal with two headstrong managers in a row. If Ranieri fails, they may come calling again. There are any number of teams that will fire managers in the Premier League who would be fools not to appoint Lennon. I'm still amazed he's not there already.

Will we still have Zach Clough come the end of the season?

As before, keeping hold of him may be a battle. He's a massive prospect and if he starts the season well, clubs at the top of the league will be wanting him. If we are at the top thanks to his goals, we will keep him. If not, we'll do well to stop someone snapping him up.

Which old, semi-legendary player will we sign in Winter?

If by semi legendary you mean in the Manchester Amateur Sunday Football League, then me as back up to Amos.

Where will we finish and why?

Thirteenth, after a season of highs and lows and with Phil Brown in charge. Singing a song.