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Our Predictions for the Season: Quentin X

The season has started, but one straddler still need to get his predictions out to the world.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

The football season is now only a few days away, and as such the LoVS writers have been tasked to put their credibility on the line and give their predictions for the year of football to come. Once the season is over and all the results are in, we'll gather them all up and see who did best!

The last of our season predictions comes from Quentin X:

Championship Winners: Middlesbrough

Second Place: Brentford

Play-off winners: Hull City

Three relegated teams: MK Dons, Huddersfield, Rotherham

Championship Top Goal Scorer: Chris Martin

Best Player: Zach Clough

Surprise Team: Bristol City

Three teams who'll gain promotion to the Championship: Sheffield United, Bradford, Swindon


Premier League Winners: Chelsea

2nd, 3rd, 4th: Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal

Three relegated teams: Norwich City, Aston Villa, West Brom

Top goal scorer: Strange one this, but if he can get the service and keeps free from injury, Daniel Sturridge.

Best player: Bastian Schweinsteiger will pull strings in the United midfield.

New signing who will flop: Sterling. Please God, let it be Sterling. If only to keep Mrs X happy.

New signing who will succeed: Artur Boruc will keep Bournemouth up. Single handedly.

Surprise Team: Alan Pardew may love his own shadow but I think with the signings he has done he can kick Crystal Palace on to challenging for Europe.


Champions League Winner: The self styled best league in the world will still fail to go beyond the semis. In which case, you can't look beyond Barcelona and Real Madrid. I'll go Real due to the no one having retained it.

Runner Up: Barca. Which would be funny.

Top Goal scorer: Lionel Messi. Because he's Lionel Messi.

La Liga Winners: Barca. Because Messi.

Bundesliga Winners: Bayern Munich. YAWN.

Serie A Winners: Juventus. MASSIVE YAWN.

Ligue 1 Winners: PSG.

Eredivise Winners: Ajax

Who'll score more, Messi or Ronaldo?: Because Messi.

Your own bonus prediction: Cristiano Ronaldo to come out as gay and shack up with Tom Daley and Gareth Thomas.