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Sam Allardyce Joins Twitter! Rejoice!

The greatest living English manager in the last thirty years has joined the social media revolution

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Icon, legend, show-stopper. Stylin' and profilin' and also famously manager of Bolton Wanderers Sam Allardyce announced earlier on this afternoon that he was joining the frantic world of Twitter.

He announced it to the world thusly:

Within 40 minutes, the former West Ham United, Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United boss had amassed over 4,000 followers, clearly aiming for Caitlyn Jenner's record of being the fastest account to gain over 1m followers - a record taken from one Barack Obama. You may have heard of them.

Big Sam of course was in charge at Bolton from 1999 to 2007, having served as a player of distinction in the 1970s.

No doubt he'll look at some of the managers who use the system, such as Nigel Adkins and Harry Redknapp, and smash them into the ground.

You can reach our ex-manager and all-round good egg Sam Allardyce on Twitter @OfficialBigSam.

No word yet from my own favourite parody, Not Big Sam.