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The FA Forgets About Nat Lofthouse

Our so-called authority on football somehow forgets to include England's greatest striker from a roll of honour at Wembley Stadium. Morons.

Legend: Sir Nat Lofthouse
Legend: Sir Nat Lofthouse
Clint Hughes/Getty Images

As Bolton Wanderers fans we're pretty used to people not liking us, but yesterday saw our club shunned by the Football Association as it forgot to include Nat Lofthouse, Bolton and England's greatest ever striker, on a roll of honour at Wembley Stadium.

The 'honour roll' was a plaque that listed every England player's debut - except for Lofthouse and former Tottenham star Les Medley. The error was pointed out to the blithering idiots at The FA by Wanderers historian Simon Marland. The fact that pathetic excuses of footballers like Jamie Vardy, Raheem Sterling and Jonjo Shelvey will be listed on this and England's greatest Sir Nat has not been is an absolute disgrace.

The Lion of Vienna scored 30 goals in 33 caps for England, making him the country's sixth top scorer with a record that far surpassed the likes of Wayne Rooney, who this week became the country's record goalscorer with 50 goals in 107 caps against the likes of no-hopers Andorra and San Marino.

This story is further proof that The FA is a bunch of useless, clueless, idiotic, bumbling fools who wouldn't know a footballer if it came along and kicked them in the backside - which someone needs to do.

One thing that's for sure is that Bolton fans won't forget about Nat, and he will always remain a legend at our club no matter what those morons at The FA think.