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Pre-match listening: Talking Trotters 12/09/15

Need something to listen to pre-match?

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Talking Trotters returns to give you the latest on all things Bolton Wanderers. Your weekly bulletin, full of news, opinion and razor sharp wit. All you could ever need.

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In the first segment we talk about the West Ham Stadium deal and what it means for the taxpayer, then we look at the international break and how England fared in there last few games.

Then, it's Abuse the News with a surprise appearance and Tom Molloy returns to talk about the youth team's game against Cardiff.

We close with an interview about the Motherwell friendly. All that and more on this weeks' Talking Trotters.

There is also some news about the future of the show.

Talking Trotters will be available from all the same avenues as the #LOVpod. If you are already a subscriber to the #LOVpod, it should just appear in your feed.

Andy Ross: @MFCPodcast86
Tom Molloy: @TOMolloy
Alastair Sledge: @Alastair3141