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Reviewing the New Bolton Wanderers Scoreboard

Today marked a revolution in big-screen technology...supposedly

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Much has been made of Bolton Wanderers and Preston-based ADI.TV's new and revolutionary scoreboard which had it's first public airing at the Reebok Stadium earlier today against Wolverhampton Wanderers.

The club have done their best to push the new screen as being something to be proud of:

With all this corporate tripe in mind, how did the screen perform?

Fan response has been mixed:

So what did you all think of the new scoreboard?

Personally I liked it - it marked a change from Soreen sponsoring our corners.

To see the video highlights in a reasonably high definition was a great advancement - the portrait element of the footage was a bit weird but I'm sure we'll get used to that in time, just as we've become used to Liam Feeney trying to cross the ball with his left peg.

I'm curious to know the fan reaction though - do leave your comments below the line.