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Bolton 2-1 Wolves: MOTM Prince-Désir Gouano

It could have been any one of eleven gallant men in white shirts, but we're here to make the tough calls

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

It was a hard one to call this week as the defence as a whole was amazing.

Dean Moxey was calm and assured for nearly the whole afternoon and was clinical in the tackle. Derik Osede's performance was only matched by his handsomeness and Lawrie Wilson nullified Jame Henry and Ojo effortlessly.

It is Prince Gouano however, who takes the crown.

Ex-Bolton Wanderers loanee Adam Le Fondre had 1:2 goals to game ratio for us last year and Benik Afobe scored 23 for MK Dons and Wolverhampton Wanderers respectively. You wouldn't have known they had such pedigree with Prince beating them both on land and air for the entirety of the game.

His pace enabled him to deal with runs in behind the defence, where he would use his precision tackling ability to take back possession.

One won't wax lyrical for too long about him as Chris has already done that for me in his piece "Why Prince is My Kind of Footballing Nutcase Lunatic"HERE - safe to say I echo his view about the cockiness.

He had one mishap right at the end with a misplaced pass straight to the opposition which could have gone tits up, but it didn't.

He had the pace and defensive prowess to help mop up his own mess.

I'd rather risk mistakes like that with our ball playing centre backs than suffer Matt Mills' diagonal balls for time ever after.

On a final note, word is that he's ours for £250,000.

We have to find the money now; someone will snap him up in no time for that sort of cash.

Very few I wouldn't sell to buy him. Maybe even my own grandmother. Did someone say crowdfunding?