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Five Things: Bolton 0-0 Sheffield Wednesday

My five musings from Tuesday night.

Clint Hughes/Getty Images

Bolton Wanderers faced off against Sheffield Wednesday on Tuesday night, in what would result in a mostly uneventful 0-0 draw. Mostly.

Here are my five musings from the game:

1. How good are the defence?

Safe to say it's the best looking defence we've had in some time (and I'm not talking about the esthetical properties of Derik's face). In previous years we've always had weak links: Players who could attack but not defend, error prone centre backs and no depth. The centre back pairing of Derik Osede and Prince Desir Gouano is as technically gifted as you'll see in this league while Moxey and Wilson are both solid in attack and in defence.

2. We only have to score one

Given how brilliant the defence and keeper are looking, it's even more frustrating we don't have to score much to be winning. We have the potential to be a points getting machine, even if they are all 1-0. The sooner we pick up a striker the better. Madine is not as bad as he seems (see Moxey when low on confidence) but we need a front man who takes his chances to capitalise on our defensive strength.

3. The Absence of Clough

We are set to lose Zach Clough for three months or so due to his shoulder dislocating (the other one this time). I did see some moronic comments with the gist being he's not doing anything so he's no loss. He might not be matching his goal scoring exploits of last year, but you only have to look at the highlights to show he's involved in all the build-up play.  Wellington Silva, Mark Davies and Clough have been forming particularly dangerous partnerships in attack.  Any who, with Clough out for the foreseeable, our attacking problem just got worse. A loan striker was already desperately needed and now we also have Clough out. Stephen Dobbie can fill the gap temporarily with Jamie Thomas or Kaiyne Woolery on the bench. Max Clayton is back soon too, but two loan signings are probably needed in the long run.

4. Returning Players

The aforementioned Clayton scored in his return to football this week; welcome timing given the injury of Clough. This could see him in the squad next week. He'll add some much needed creativity up front without Clough. Pratley is also back soon which should add more energy and goal threat to the midfield.  These two should hopefully help with the goal scoring problem.

5. Our Prince Charming

Prince has filled the Ream shaped hole in my heart. There I said it. There was a picture of him giving his shirt to a fan last night and it warmed me up inside. They joy he provided with such a small gesture goes a long way in this fans' eyes. Coupled with the fact he's darn good is a recipe for being a fan favourite. I dearly hope we sign him.