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Entertainment at the Macron!

There is a potentially exciting new venture unfolding at Bolton Wanderers in partnership with Taylor Lynn Corporation!

Clint Hughes/Getty Images

TLC Concerts will be looking to stage shows at Bolton Wanderers’ Macron Stadium and will work with Bolton Whites Hotel in an attempt to draw entertainers in. They are looking to stage ‘amazing concerts’ at Bolton’s home and view the integrated hotel as a great bonus in this.

While talking about the deal TLC’s managing director Liz Taylor notes that Bolton boasts great musical, acting and comedic talent and is looking to have the very best artists involved in the concerts.

The then Reebok Stadium of course played host to some big names with the likes of Coldplay (who recorded the video for their song Fix You in the ground), Elton John and Oasis. The new venture will be looking to compete with venues across the UK, and seem to think they are well placed to do just that.

If like so many you hate Coldplay’s music then start at 2:38, and maybe put it on mute, which is when they start to use footage from the Reebok!

They are hoping to host their first event in autumn 2015, and I for one am quite excited about this. It is great to see the club getting other uses out of the stadium, hopefully boosting revenues and reputation.

For more information see this article.