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Talking Trotters - 19/09/15 - Live Now

A season finale

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Talking Trotters concludes to give you the latest on all things Bolton Wanderers. Your not so weekly bulletin, full of news, opinion and razor sharp wit. All you could ever need.

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In the first segment we talk about the Wolverhampton Wanderers and Sheffield Wednesday games and give updates on a story we covered last week.

Tom Molloy returns to tell tall tales of the return of David Wheater, Liam Trotter and Max Clayton, and a not so tall tale about a very short Francesco Pisano.

Then, it's a presidential primary debate in the Premier League and it's a Abuse the News that hits close to home for Alastair.

Finally, like all good shows, we close with a musical number. All that and more on this weeks' season finale of Talking Trotters.

Talking Trotters will be available from all the same avenues as the #lovpod. If you are already a subscriber to the #lovpod, it should just appear in your feed.

Tom Molloy: @TOMolloy
Alastair Sledge: @Alastair3141