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Bolton: Our Away Form is the Drizzling Shits

We've been rubbish away from home as long as I can remember - but why?

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

There have been amateur statisticians around since the days of (Victor) Moses:

In terms of Bolton Wanderers in 2015, what does it all mean?

Why are we so bad away from home?

I can barely recall, in my 25 years of watching Bolton, when we were half decent away from home. We've struggled for years, and as such should we really be surprised that our first team is such an embarrassment away from the confines of the Reebok Stadium?

We play with a certain confidence at home that we completely lack away from home.

The goal scores yesterday by Liam Feeney was a superb example of counter-attacking play but between you and I, dear reader, did you expect the final result to be any different?

Is it a result of sloppy defensive purchases, or sloppy preparation? It can't be - when we look good we look REALLY good - so we surely cannot be that bad, really.....can we?

It's probably chairman Phil Gartside's fault, but can we ascribe any blame towards Neil Lennon? I'm not sure we can. Experienced top flight bosses Sam Allardyce and Gary Megson both failed to address our traditionally poor away form.

You can't mount a promotion challenge based upon this type of form - something needs to change.

So why are we so bad? Is it fear? Stress? Women's problems? I don't know - but if you think you do please let us know your thoughts below the line.