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Sheffield Wednesday Vs Bolton Wanderers: Immediate Reaction

We lost...again.

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Getting really, really tired of Bolton these days.

Another day, another loss. We came from behind twice to ultimately throw it all away. A 30 yard screamer just 14 minutes in from for Fernando Forestieri, the kind of goal I had earlier written we were prone to conceding.

We clawed one back however; Wellington Silva went on a mazy run, squared it to Trotter who did a nifty step over and it bounced off Gary Madine for a pretty cruddy goal in truth. A second from Wednesday followed and we again responded in the form of a David Wheater header.

Of course it wasn't to be however and Wednesday again, went ahead in the 77th minute, Hooper's second of the evening.

There's the brief run down, here's the reaction.

Shit. Pure shit.

Not because of the performance. It, for us, was actually half decent. The reason why I say it is because it's another game we could and should have so easily taken something from. How many times have we got draws when we should have won or lost when we should have drawn?

Too many.

The fact it's been so close is either testament to Neil Lennon's ability to get a crap squad so close to getting results or testament to how he can balls up potential point yielding games.

What possibly links in to this and was particularly poignant in today's game is Lennon's ineptitude with substitutions. He used 2 substitutions in this game: Zach Clough on for Josh Vela in the 84th minute and Woolery on for Silva in the 90th. Silva was blowing out his arse in the 70th minute and should have come off long before they scored their third. Why Vela was brought off when Liam Trotter was obviously knackered also beggars belief.

The squad at least contained Vela and Clough; Vela starting and Clough on the bench. Trotter got a start and wasn't particularly awful. I rate him better than Danns anyhow. Dervite started with Lennon's hand apparently forced. The lack of Derik and Prince on the bench would allude to that they were both injured. One would hope that's the case, otherwise that would be stupid.

Will we ever win an away game again? Will we fuck.

Roll on Nottingham Forest. Yipee.