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A Polite Invitation to Dougie Freedman to Mind His Own Business

Dougie Freedman’s pre-match comments merit another rant at how much of a terrible person he is, and here is that rant.

Freedman looking as normal as ever
Freedman looking as normal as ever
Tony Marshall/Getty Images

So Saint Dougie Freedman has no sympathy for current Bolton Wanderers manager Neil Lennon based on the fact that he had to deal with the same situation. These comments were made before the weekends match against the abominations current team Nottingham Forest and an article containing them can be found on The Bolton News by following this link.

So did the half man half demon Freedman have to deal with the same situation as Lennon? Well yes Freedman had to oversee a cutting of costs losing first team players in the process rather like Lennon. But he was also afforded the luxury of money to spend. Freedman spent cash on Jay Spearing, goal missing machine Jermaine Beckford and that guy who was always injured otherwise known as Craig Davies.

Lennon on the other hand has not had a penny to spend despite actually generating funds from player sales, something I believe Freedman failed to do. So that is one way in which the situation faced by the two men is very different.

Another is the fact that Freedman was never manager of a Bolton teetering on the brink with its very existence at stake. Not only that but he was never manager of a group of unpaid Bolton players. Neither of those things are very helpful when it comes to performances on the pitch I think it is fair to say, and they are both further examples of how the job Lennon has it very different and far harder than the one Freedman faced.

A further factor is the ever rumbling takeover saga. Lennon is having to work with the constant threat that new owners will come in and sack him. If some reports on this very site when the news of Sports Shield’s bid first broke are correct then Lennon may well be a sacked man walking, hardly a great position in which to be carrying out any job.

Right now Neil Lennon probably has the hardest job in English football. He has a League One squad at best, no money to improve it, all the other financial problems and the lingering threat to his employment status. In comparison Freedman’s job was a walk in the park and I’m sure I’m not the only Bolton fan who would politely encourage him to mind his own business and focus on messing up at Nottingham Forest while we focus on getting relegated as quickly as possible.