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5 Things: Bolton Wanderers vs Eastleigh

Bolton managed to come through their 3rd Round Replay tie with Conference side Eastleigh. Liam now takes us through five things he thought about whilst watching the game.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

1) Eastleigh

The Eastleigh fans were a credit to their club and played a huge part in a spirited performance from the non-league side. The minnows were given a moment to remember as they took an early lead at the Macron Stadium and if things were a little rosier at my own club, I may have smiled at the moment.

The players were competitive all over the pitch and gave a Bolton side low on confidence and in truth could have got something out of the game. I always felt Bolton were on top but football does not work like that and Eastleigh were very competitive.

Credit particularly to Chris Todd and his Eastleigh management team for their tactics, which were spot on. Bolton were looking to tire their non-league opponents from the off and Eastleigh were ready for that. The Hampshire side sat back and afforded Bolton possession without pressing to conserve themselves for potentially 120 minutes.

Eastleigh can head back down South with their heads held high and we wish them all the best for the rest of the season.

2) Gary Madine.

Lethargic, bored, poor.

Madine had an awful game on Tuesday night as the Bolton laboured to a 3-2 win. Madine's touch was at best heavy, at worst diabolical and he seemed completely out of sync with the rest of the Wanderers squad for the 50-odd minutes which the striker played.

His goal was well-taken and if anything increased frustration for me as I could see what he could be capable of if he wanted to get involved in the game. Liam Feeney puts more than enough crosses in for Gary Madine to make more of an impact on games than he currently does and  it isn't difficult to question his willingness to get himself in the box.

It emerged after the game that Madine was carrying a light injury and I will take those mitigating circumstances on board but my word he was poor.

3) Wellington Silva

It was a game that told you everything you needed to know about the on-loan Arsenal winger. I made a semi-drunk remark to my brother at the game and I'm going to stick with it.

Wellington is very good at what he is good at but very poor at what he isn't.

His end-product and match awareness need to dramatically improve but I suppose that's why we have him and not Arsenal. It's difficult because the lad is so talented and the ability to beat a man so easily is rare and should be championed but his rashness and decision making, even at his young age, is concerning.

He is at a critical point in his career but I worry he may well be another Wladimir Weiss.

4) Liam Trotter

I just don't get it, another decent footballer who just doesn't seem willing to get involved in a game. I've never seen such an anonymous central midfielder, Trotter can go missing for large swathes of the game.

When on the ball you see a confident performer who is assured in his movements but its just so infrequent that it doesn't affect the game. For a man of Trotter's physique and strength, this was an ideal opportunity for Trotter to show the Wanderers fans of his abilities against a physically weaker Eastleigh midfield.

It was however, another opportunity missed for Trotter and you really get the feeling that it would take some turnaround for Trotter to turn his stint in Lancashire into a successful one.

5) Winning

I enjoyed that, regardless of the opposition and it felt good to leave the Macron Stadium with a win, one that was earned by coming from behind. Despite Eastleigh's early breakthrough, I felt it became apparent that Bolton would win the game and perhaps should have really put it to bed with a fourth goal.

The task now is to build on the win, starting this weekend. As important as a win would be to survival, simply avoiding defeat I feel would be a start.