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Preview: Bolton Wanderers v MK Dons

Lose lose all we seem to do is lose

Pete Norton/Getty Images

Bolton Wanderers face MK Dons this afternoon at the Reebok Stadium.

I was going to use this preview as a platform to make various sarcastic comments about the situation in which our famous club has recently found itself.

However, I'm bigger than this.

Instead, I've decided to make this piece about our opposition.

Milton Keynes - primary filming location for Superman IV. A lovely 30,000 capacity stadium which presently holds 7,500 MK Dons fans.

What is the point of the club?

Born as a hybrid, bastardised version of the famous Wimbledon club by Jimmy Bullard impersonator-owner Pete Winkelman, the club has achieved little of note in its 12 year history, barring a 4-0 home win against Manchester United Reserves last season.

That said, they've earned promotion to the Championship, and that is quite an achievement.

Despite all this, the club is universally despised - the formation of which meant that the 1988 FA Cup Winners, Wimbledon, ceased to exist so that a concrete behemoth could be built next to a big fuck off Asda in a new town (itself born in 1967) which was only to be built should a league club exist in the same area. Yeah - seriously - that's how it happened.

Managed by Next sweater-wearing Scouse hipster Karl Robinson, MK Dons have risen through the league ranks in swift fashion - despite hiring Paul Ince as manager for a time.

Yeah, him.

So in short, MK Dons, despite being higher up in the league than Bolton Wanderers, are a shitstain on the football's underpants.

This season they find themselves in 20th place, a mere four spots (and 9 points) ahead of our good selves, which is impressive given that they employ a variety of waifs and strays to play the old footy on their own behalf. Not to mention the existence of Rob Hall - a squeaky-voiced Youtube celebrity who has a touch of Joe Pasquale about him.

Hall joined Wanderers from West Ham and represented the very summit of Dougie Freedman's frugal time in charge of the club. I say frugal, I meant wasteful.

Anyway, to conclude, MK Dons have some players in their side. That I cannot dispute. I've never heard of any of them, and the club is a bag of shite.