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MOTM: Bolton Wanderers 3-1 MK Dons: Wellington Silva

I love a good Brazilian, me

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Football is joy.

Football is unpredictability.

Football is not sideways passes.

Football is not pass completion percentage rates.

Football is not assist statistics.

Football is not analysis of whether a player runs the most miles.

Football is anarchy.

Football is chaos.

Wellington Silva is football.

Wellington Silva is chaos.

Wellington Silva is unpredictable.

Wellington Silva probably has a poor pass completion rate.

Wellington Silva probably has poor assist statistics compared to someone like Liam Feeney.

Wellington Silva probably doesn't run the farthest amongst his Bolton Wanderers teammates.


Wellington Silva is joy.

Wellington Silva has bare mad skillz.

Wellington Silva, in full flow, is a pure footballing joy to watch.

Wellington Silva is a genius. A flawed genius, but a genius nonetheless.

So in conclusion, Wellington Silva is unlikely to win over the entire fanbase.


Wellington Silva was imperious against MK Dons. He ran the show.

Wellington Silva is my Man of the Match. He should be yours too.

God bless football, and God bless Wellington Silva, the maverick son of a bitch.