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Bolton Wanderers FA Cup Man of the Match: Liam Trotter

Former outcast takes the tallest of the seven dwarves award from yesterday's game

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Choosing a man of the match award from yesterday's game has proven rather tricky.

If it were a Sunday league performance, it'd be one of those where the gaffer says nothing for two minutes while the captain symbolically hammers his studs into the changing room floor in both a need to begin the cleaning process and anger.

Then, the manager would start whispering about not following the game plan and disappointment and pride, before picking individuals out, quickly turning whisper into shout, declaring there's no man of the match today, and when they go home to tuck into their Sunday lunch, remember that they haven't earned it.

But I work here at LoV towers, and I have to pick one.

Despite the case for Rob Holding, who continues to improve and adapt to Championship level, I've given it to Liam Trotter.

A strange decision that even I disagree with to an extent, as his first half performance was woeful.

However, his central midfield partners were beyond terrible, and our limited effort to reverse their midfield dominance in the second half was largely down to his graft in the middle of the park.

He was better on the ball than Mark Davies, and far better off it than Darren Pratley, who despite continuing his run of scoring, was completely off the boil.

He looked exhausted after 10 minutes. Diagouraga, Laim Bridcutt and Dallas were a class above the Wanderers midfield in possession, with Lewis Cook and Doukara proving troublesome in more advanced positions.

In the second half (and I'd be interested to know if anyone else noticed it), there seemed to be a bit of a barney between Trotter and manager Neil Lennon, with the former exile taking exception to his manager's criticism, pointing his arms to every corner of the ground. "I'm on my own in this shower of ineptitude you've selected in midfield today, and you're picking me out for criticism?" his gestures seemed to say.

An even more difficult decision to make would be worst player on the pitch.

Answers for Ben Amos, Mark Davies, Darren Pratley, Wellington Silva and Gary Madine on a postcard please.