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Five Things: Bolton Wanderers 0-2 Huddersfield Town

Jonny shakes off his extended New Year hangover to take a look at five key points from Wanderers' home defeat to Huddersfield on Saturday

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

If you want an in-depth analysis of Saturday's piss poor performance, you can read my match report for that. If you're after a succinct summary of what in the world went wrong (or right), read on.

1) The Curious Case Of Darren Pratley

What on earth has happened to this guy? His only positive attribute at this moment in time is his physical fitness, and when I say that I mean he can run pretty far at a steady pace for a prolonged period of him. He looked tired, laboured and generally defeated in the middle of the park on Saturday afternoon; a walking metaphor for the way our club has come to be in recent times. Based on his recent form, Lennon needs to have a long, hard think about dropping him for a game or seven and possibly stripping him of the captaincy - if he's still at the club in a month's time.

2) Liam "The Scapegoat" Feeney

After seeing much joy down the right flank at hitting the post in the first 20 minutes, I really did believe that it was Liam Feeney's day. The lad's an out and out winger - he gets by players and tries to get the ball into the box, even if his crossing ability does leave a lot to be desired. It's not his fault our centre forwards couldn't finish a Happy Meal! A lot of Wanderers fans are very quick to jump on the former Millwall man's back, however at the moment he's one of our strongest attacking threats. Give the lad a break, he's played nearly every game under Lennon and works his bollocks off every time.

3) Calamity Prince

Now, I'm a huge fan of Prince. I think his pace has pulled us out of the shit on numerous occasions this season and had Dorian Dervite been selected above him on a regular basis, we would've conceded many more goals than we already have. HOWEVER, (as you can see, that's a big 'however') he seems to have been struck down with an age-old footballing curse: lack of confidence. He's in the same boat as 95% of our current squad - results on the pitch and problems off it seem to be having an adverse effect on his game. He's making stupid, unnecessary mistakes that could prove costly, although he somehow manages to bail himself out time and time again. Hopefully he'll sort himself out sooner rather than later.

4) Wellington Silva - U OK M8?

When our young Arsenal loanee was sidelined with a hamstring injury in late October, I for one was very upset. He brought another dynamic to our team; a fast-paced, genuinely threatening attacking force that had lumbering Championship centre-halves across the land shitting themselves. He came off the bench on Saturday and was, quite frankly, shite. He gave the ball away more times than I care to mention and, after doing so, was duly floored by various Huddersfield players. He needs to get back to his 2015 self pretty damn quickly, otherwise we may as well send him back down south. Shithouse.

5) Tactics Weren't To Blame, But Neil Lennon Was

Today Neil Lennon has come out and said he feels as though we were prepared for the game, essentially blaming the players for the defeat, and in a way I have to agree with him. We were very much on top in the early stages but allowed Huddersfield back into the game way too easily for my linking. We went in at half time on the back foot and Lennon said he made a change to the tactics, which only made things worse because we were absolutely dreadful in the second half. His initial game plan cannot be faulted - it was clearly working - but his decision to make said tactical change was the straw that broke the camel's back in this particular instance. Said straw made us worse as a unit, which ultimately resulted in a piss poor second half performance and us coming away with nothing.

Will we win on Saturday at Eastleigh? I genuinely don't know, but if we don't we really are in trouble...