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Player Ratings: Bolton Wanderers 0-2 Oxford United

That performance sucked balls

Bolton Wanderers v Preston North End - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Well. Wasn't that horrible.

Bolton Wanderers were outplayed, outfought and outbattled by an Oxford United side who enjoyed their trip to a nice stadium where they found the home team to be most obliging in terms of allowing them all the time in the world to play nice football.

For a Bolton fan, however, it was appalling.

On with the ratings:

Mark Howard - 7

The only player to come out of the game with any credit, for me. Stood little chance for either goal, he saved us from further embarrassment on more than occasion in the second half.

Josh Vela - 4

My heart sank when I saw him warming up with the defensive line pre-match. I've never liked him in the position and the game gave further evidence, it was ever needed, that he really isn't cut out for it. He's too slow, and cost us the first goal with some appalling positional work. I don't blame him for not being a good right back.

Dean Moxey - 3

Possibly the poorest display of his Bolton career. Moxey was timid, slow to cover and gave their attackers an easy afternoon. His mistake for the second goal summed up what was another terrible performance.

Mark Beevers - 6

Clearly injured by the end, clearly unfit from the start - and yet still our best defender.

David Wheater - 4

The big defender has regressed in the last month from the confident, experienced older head back to the player he was in the three seasons preceding this one. Slow, lumbering and unreliable. Is this the real David Wheater? He may be reading this and I don't want him upset again, so I'll write it off as (another) bad day at the office.

Jay Spearing - 5

A quiet afternoon for the ex-Liverpool man. He exerted little influence on the ball and his set piece delivery was poor.

Liam Trotter - 1

I really shouldn't be surprised any more, but this was a new low for the midfield dynamo (I don't mean that in the usual sense, but in the sense that I'd rather have the little magician guy in the team than him). Ponderous, immobile and unbelievably awful on the ball. I'm trying hard not to swear. He was awful.

James Henry - 4

Not sure that he's cut out for the Mark Davies role that Phil Parkinson has earmarked him for. His creativity was stifled by an aggressive pressing game from Oxford United and barring one chance in the first half he never really looked like a player from a higher league. Disappointing.

Andrew Taylor - 4

A defender who can't attack and can't cross playing in midfield. Yep, I was baffled too. If Parkinson wants to play this way then for God's sake put Moxey in midfield. Taylor was lost, and contributed to the second Oxford goal with yet another poor pass to a teammate.

Zach Clough - 5

Very quiet. I'll put this down to him just coming back from injury but we are going to need him to hit top form quickly if we are to have a go at this league.

Gary Madine - 4

Madine was unfit, but his performance was still below par. I can understand how people think we've missed Madine during his injured period, but he remains a very poor centre forward regardless of how he fits into our system.


Sammy Ameobi - 1

There's a reason why he's been a nobody for his whole career. All flash and no cash.

Keshi Anderson - 4

Hardly involved. We have no idea how to use him.

Jamie Proctor - 4

Lost my mind when he came on and immediately started running the channels. You're a centre forward, man. Play like one.

Manager - Phil Parkinson - 4

The diamond formation doesn't work.

Playing two left backs on the left side doesn't work.

Liam Trotter doesn't work.

His new signings are yet to click.

He needs to sort this out and fast. Any early season goodwill has gone, leaving only the mega superfans to back him up, and they all live with their parents.

Fans - 0

An incredible shitshow on the field was matched by the supporters off it.

We are an impatient bunch at best and whilst I have no beef with people booing if they see fit (and it was dire), I would rather the fans diverted their energies to a bit of chanting and maybe a bit of singing first.

I was bored yesterday. Usually that is lifted by a bit of noise or something interesting going on around me but there was nothing - just apathy.