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Swindon Town v BWFC : Immediate Reaction

I wasn't there and I didn't watch online. I spent the afternoon at a beer festival in Dunfermline, but I still formed some drunken reactionary opinions.

Swindon Town v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet League One Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images

Lawrie Wilson - good hair bad feet

There's something likeable about Wilson. You want him to succeed. He has lovely flowing locks. But he is rubbish at football. Apparently he played well today, but I'd still rather have Neil Cox or even Nicky Hunt back.

Mark Howard - my sister likes the look of him so he's alright in my book

A clean sheet for our new keeper. He's settled in well and seems a decent player, and takes home a lot less than Amos did every week. All good. My sister likes his big bushy beard too.

He didn't play, but Liam Trotter needs to run more

Maybe Trotter would do well in La Liga or Serie A. Seems to have a good eye for a pass and a decent first touch. Unfortunately for him, he happens top play in the EFL League 1, where players seem to be judged on how much running around they can do. Especially in midfield. Last time I saw him play he could have been auditioning for Still Game with the level of mobility he displayed.

James Henry - really any good?

I heard a few folk say Henry would be easily the best player in the division when we signed him on loan from Wolves. Taking him a while to settle isn't it?

Zach - we all really want to love you

Please Zach, please please please start putting away some of the chances you get. We all love you. We really want you to do well. All of us. We really want you to turn into the superstar we all know you can be, but this is League 1 and you haven't started scoring consistently yet. A couple more easy chances missed today again apparently. Just relax man, we all love you and we all know you can be better than anyone else in the division.

Max Power

After all he's been through over the last couple of seasons I don't really want to put any pressure on Max Clayton to perform if/when he comes back. But given the performances of the rest of our team recently, I can't help but feel quite excited to think that he might be back soon. We do lack anybody else able to run and drive at defences the way he did when fit.


What to make of the team under our new manager? Honestly, I think we need to be a bit more patient. The booing last week sounded pretty ridiculous to me - OK I wasn't there and if you pay your money you have a right to boo if you want to I guess, but I think to turn on the team so soon after the new manager has taken over is a bit ridiculous. They reacted in the best way today by grabbing an away win and a clean sheet. Parky did a great job in charge of Bradford. When we appointed him I remember a Bradford-supporting mate of mine saying "don't expect entertainment, but he'll lead you to success in the end", and I can see what he meant. He may not play "the West Ham way", but really I couldn't care less. He's made us solid, we keep getting clean sheets, and the goals will come in time, once he can work out how to get our Zach to profit from the Washing Machine's sheer physicality.