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Fantasy Football League Update

The runners and riders in our prestigious league

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Another couple of weeks have passed since our last update. I've been mostly been putting this off as I'm doing worse than....sod the metaphors, I'm doing shite. That said, some haven't been doing shite so here we are. There have been some interesting trends since we last looked. Liverpool are storming up the table with a midfield masterclass (one of my original tips which I wish I had followed). Chelsea have been quietly been sneaking up the table and United despite having a great start, have fallen off a cliff. So how has this changed things? Lets have a gander.

Top 3

1 - Don't be a Hierro - 667pts

2 - Dracarys FC - 635pts

3 - Emile Heskey FC - 628

Bottom 3

192 - FC Trotters - 391

193 - FC Stella Fella - 382

194 - 666FC - 379

Just The Tip

Just a couple for you this week. Again, not much credibility coming from me this year but ah well.

1 - Pay attention to the international break. Injuries can come out of no where with an RKO and lose you points when the come back. Plus form can't be discounted.

2 - Seriously. Get some midfielders from Liverpool in there. Mane!

3 - Chelsea defenders. Get them. Conte has made Chelsea nice and secure.

4 - Evaluate your bench. Injuries are common at this time of year.

Team In Focus - The Wicked Ones

This team has done the best in the month of November with 99 points thus far. Lets see how they've got this success:

He has De Gea in goal who has had a very meh month but not a surprise pick. Defence is a bit weak on the ground with Kyle Walker, Adam Smith and Gareth McAuley. The midfield is stocked with decent form players: Pedro, Hazard, Coutinho and Darren Fletcher. Pedro, Hazard and Coutinho all rolling in points of late. Up front we're properly star studded with Zlatan, Defoe and Costa, again all of whom are rolling in points. Good selection Sir, Good selection.