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BBC study reveals the high cost of goals at Bolton Wanderers

We analyse the BBC's Price of Watching Football research with our Bolton hats on

Bolton Macron Stadium
Macron Stadium - not exactly the home of the goal-fest
Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

This may come as no surprise to many, but Bolton Wanderers fans pay the second highest amount of money to see their team score a goal in League One, according to today's publication of the BBC Price of Watching Football survey.

The survey of 224 football teams across the UK and Europe found that Bolton fans pay £13 per goal seen at the Macron Stadium, the second highest in League One behind only MK Dons - whose fans pay a princely £14.86 per goal seen.

Below we'll take a look at how Bolton fans compare to their fellow League One supporters.

Ticket prices

The cost of watching Wanderers generally is, perhaps surprisingly, below the League One average. Indeed, Bolton have the ninth cheapest available season ticket in the league, which is pretty good for a side just relegated from the Championship.

Surprisingly, the most expensive lowest season ticket price in League One is at Southend, where fans must pay a minimum fee of £395 - that's a huge £50 more than the nearest price charged by Swindown Town, Chesterfield and Port Vale.

The cheapest available match-day ticket at Bolton (£15) is 25% below the league average, while the most expensive season ticket (£405) is 3% below the league average and the cheapest season ticket available (£280) is 1% below the league average. However, the most expensive match-day ticket (£30) is 16% above the league average.

Unsurprisingly, the price of watching Bolton play has declined over the last few seasons. Four seasons ago the cheapest Bolton season ticket was a costly £350, which has now dropped dramatically to just £280. The same applies to the cheapest match-day tickets, which have fallen from £21 back in 2012/13 to just £18 now, despite increasing to £22 in 2014/15.

Merchandise and match-day costs

Delightful news here as the price of a pie at the Macron is 25p cheaper than the League One average, at a relatively affordable £2.90.

However, at £3 Bolton programmes are 8p more expensive than the league average and if you fancy a hot drink to warm you up on match-day then you'll also be paying over the odds, with Bolton's £2 a full 15p more than the league average.

Bolton fans are also paying above the league average for replica kits. The £44.99 being charged for adult shirts is 6% above the league average, while the junior kit price of £34.99 is 9% above the league average.

How much does it cost?

To work out how much it costs to watch Bolton, we took the cheapest Bolton season ticket price of £280, took a punt on spending £20 on refreshments at games, buying a programme at every league game, buying one home shirt and buying a sports TV package at £30 a month.

The end result saw us spending £1,213.99 per month on following Bolton Wanderers, which breaks down as £280 spent on tickets, £460 on food and drink, £69 on programmes, £44.99 on an adult shirt and £360 on sports TV. That fee, according to the BBC, is equivalent to the following:

  • 48.56% of the average League One player's weekly salary
  • 0.15175% of Nicky Ajose's transfer fee to Charlton this summer
  • 121 cinema tickets
  • The cost of 40.47 hours learning to play a musical instrument
  • 16 tickets to see Coldplay, which frankly I’d much rather spend on watching anything other than Coldplay
  • 24 visits to a theme park

The annual BBC Price of Football study is the biggest of its type in Europe, gathering season and match-day ticket prices from clubs across 23 leagues in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Europe. This year we have analysed more than 1,000 ticket prices in six categories and all teams contacted agreed to take part, with the exception of Plymouth Argyle - which begs the question of what they have to hide?

Check out all the results for teams across Europe in full here.