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Why Coventry City fans hate their Owners

A bit of meat on the bones for Bolton fans

Per Frandsen

I must admit that in the last few years I haven't really been keeping too much of an eye on the fortunes of lower league clubs.

I did however know that Coventry City fans hate SISU - their hedge-fund owners who have been in place since 2007. As a Bolton Wanderers fan of many years I can fully empathise with a fanbase who is distrustful of the club's owner.

So, as per the Coventry Telegraph's article, I thought it would be useful to have a look into the reasons why:

1) Lowest ebb

When Sisu took over Coventry City in December 2007 the club was in the second tier of English football and supporters were told the ambition was a return to the Premier League.

At the time of writing, the Sky Blues sit in the third tier - further away from the top flight than at any point during Sisu’s tenure.

2) Relegation

This is the club’s fifth consecutive season in League One.

The fact a club the size of Coventry City has been unable to sustain a serious challenge for a return to the Championship in that time is unforgivable.

3) Seven managers, 17 board members

The turnover of managers has only been surpassed by the turnover of board members at Coventry City.

This inconsistency smacks of short-termism and raises doubts as to the ability to successfully adopt a long-term strategy or make a successful long-term appointment.

4) Sixfields

They say they were forced to do it but the decision to take Coventry City away from the city which gives the club its name was unforgivable.

A season in exile was a season too long and simply cannot be allowed to happen again.

5) No home

Coventry City still has no home to call its own after nine years of Sisu ownership.

The Ricoh Arena saga is still dragging on through the courts after two significant defeats for Sisu.

Repeated claims that the club would build its own stadium have yet to result in any concrete announcements.

6) Academy not secured

The Academy, which has been vital to CCFC in terms of finance and talent for more than a decade, is under threat.

As it stands, it has no base beyond June 2017 with its temporary agreement at the Alan Higgs Centre due to expire. Sisu knew this agreement was coming to an end but officials have so far failed to secure the Academy’s long-term future at the Higgs Centre or another venue.

7) No investment

Sisu have said they want the club to be self-sustainable.

This is an admirable aim but, in order to generate the attendances which would enable the club to fund itself, supporters need a spark to re-ignite their passion for the club.

That spark should come from investment by the owners to help convince a group of supporters starved of success longer than any other Football League team that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

8) Failed investment

Sisu says it has invested tens of millions into the football club over the nine years it has been in control of the Sky Blues. But where has that investment taken CCFC? Seemingly, further away from success than ever.

9) Broken relationships

Since taking control of the club, Sisu seem to have fallen out with a huge number of organisations and individuals the club has dealt with - Coventry City Council, ACL, Wasps, the Higgs Charity, newspapers, the Sky Blue Trust, Coventry Sports Foundation and Members of Parliament.

That’s not mention some of their own board members - including a chairman, a vice chairman and one life president.

So as you can see from reading the above, our opponents tonight find themselves in a right old pickle.

I can only imagine having to support a club through nearly a decade of that. Imagine being a Bolton fan and having to travel to Sheffield to watch a home game.

They get my full sympathy. Hope we smash them, mind.