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Catch #LOVpod 67 ft Marc Iles Here!

A last minute surprise

Dan Istitene/Getty Images

With Bolton Wanderers now actually being good and not in terrifying peril, it turns out that there isn't actually an awful lot to talk about on a Bolton Wanderers podcast, so that's why these little beauties have been so few and far between this year. Or at least that's our excuse.

But absence makes the heart grown fonder ladies and gentlemen and I have no doubt that you're going to love episode 67 of the Lion of Vienna Suite Podcast.

On this week's (month's) show, regulars Dan and Chris are joined by debutant Jimmy Donnelly, of Trotters Blog, and very special guest Marc Iles, of the Bolton News, who stepped in at the last minute to offer some expert opinion.

The quartet discussed Saturday's comfortable 2-0 victory over Millwall in great detail, discussing the players who played well, which was all of them and the players who didn't, which was none of them.

A quick look forwarded to the following two games this week, against Coventry City and Northampton Town, and then a discussion on the upcoming QnA with the Whites chairman saw out the show.