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Bolton Wanderers 1-0 Coventry City: Immediate Reaction

The wins are rolling in; alas for our rivals as well

Dan Istitene/Getty Images

Another game, another win. I can scarcely believe that this is the same team from last year. It gets said so frequently but take a second to think how bad last season actually was. 5 wins all year! 5 wins in 46 games! As of today we have 11 wins in 19 games. We sit with one of, if not the best, defence in the league, the best midfield and...well our strikers are doing their bit and all. I'm not being a pessimistic dick, Clough has been amazing but we're certainly not one of the attacking powers of the league. Let's just take a minute to enjoy how far we've come.

On to today. We saw but one change; last weeks goal scorer, Tom Thorpe in for the suspended Liam Trotter. Wanderers started as they had finished. We absolutely dominated from the outset and it wasn't long before we got ourselves a goal. Who else but Zach Clough? He finished with a lovely little chip over the keeper to get our only goal.

I'll take a break to say that I still find it odd that despite doing so well against teams we are struggling to get the big wins. Not a complaint, just an observation.

From there we kept dominating and even saw a lovely Clough, freekick hit the post. We had a number of good performances again.: Derik, Clough, Spearing and more. Loving the consistency of key men this year.

We let them back in to it which again is disappointing. It's almost as if we had expected to be more than one up and shat ourselves when we realised we weren't.

It was a return for former Wanderers favourite, Marvin Sordell. There was one act of brilliant defending against Marv' by Derik who is making a hell of a case for himself at centre back (personally I think his quality is just gong to show wherever at this level). I know he never endeared himself to fans here but in light of the mental health awareness day we had on here recently, it's  a shame to hear about the amount of abuse he got. It was fairly obvious Marvin wasn't coping during his time here and it's sad that some feel genuine hatred towards him still.

Overall we must be happy despite hanging on towards the end. More wins on the spin! The only issue is this is that all our damned rivals are winning as well. One slip and we'll feel it. Some would see that as a negative but look at it this way, what an exciting competitive league that we're battling to win! Onward!