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Immediate Reaction: Northampton Town 0-1 Bolton Wanderers

Pete Norton/Getty Images

If I could single out one game to sum up our style of play this season, this would be it.

A very uncomfortable win over a middling Northampton side has seen Phil Parkinson's men move back up to 2nd in League One thanks to dropped points by Bradford and Sheffield United (cheers lads)

A beautifully worked goal by Zach Cloguh, cultivated by a brilliant Sammy Ameobi assist in the 25th minute was ultimately the difference, but Northampton certainly didn't make it easy, it never is. We employed a tactic that's been typical of us all season; grab a goal early on and then defend like our lives depend on it. I'm certainly not knocking it as it seems to be working, but it makes watching these games a very uncomfortable affair, I'd much rather employ Scunthorpe's approach of scoring 4 goals per game.

An FA Cup second round tie awaits us next Sunday at home to Sheffield United, who finally play their game in hand this coming Tuesday, let's hope they flap it.